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Why avocado is toxic for parrots

If you search on google for “Foods not good for parrots” one thing that will come up in every post will be avocado. It’s for sure that avocado is not good for parrots. But, Why is it not safe for parrots while it is good for us.

Why Avocado is not good for parrots

Avocado fruit on plant

Avocado fruit on plant

Avocado is a large berry type fruit containing a single big seed in it like mango (seed shape is different). And If we look at the composition of avocado, it contains a fungicidal toxin called persin. Persin is considered to be harmless for humans, but for parrots it’s not safe. The structure of persin resembles fatty acid and if persin enters in the parrot’s stomach it can cause serious health problems. So it’s the persin chemical that is present in avocado and makes it toxic for parrots.

Following are some of the effects or symptoms if parrot eats avocado.

  • Increased heart rate.
  • Damage to heart muscles.
  • Weakness.
  • Inability to perch.
  • Lack of interest and unresponsiveness.
  • If eaten in large quantity.It can cause the deficient supply of oxygen to the parrot’s body due to abnormal breathing.Which can even result in death.

It’s observed that some wild parrot species like Amazon parrots are seen eating avocado. Due to which some people assume that they are safe for parrots. But remember one thing that each parrot type is different from others. Some parrots may have a high tolerance level while others may not. Also avocado is native to Mexico while your parrots may be native to some other country. Sometimes native birds have the extra ability to deal with native foods. As they are dealing with those foods for hundreds of years.

Your parrot may get more affected than someone else’s parrot. So if someone says to you avocado in small amount is safe then please don’t feed them. Who knows, even a small amount can become fatal. Why take the risk if you have such a large variety of other good foods to feed.



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