Most beautiful Indian ring-neck parrot

Ring-neck parrots as a pet

Ring-neck parrots also known as rose ringed parakeet or Indian ring-neck parrot are small size parrots with long tails. Popular due to their color mutations and excellent talking abilities, they are widely adopted as pet birds in many homes.

Ring-neck parrot Mutations

Blue ring-neck parrot

Blue Ring-neck parrot

  • Blue Ring-neck parrot
  • Cinnamon Ring-neck parrot
  • Grey Ring-necks Parrot
  • Lutino/Yellow Ring-neck Parrot
  • Grey Green Lacewing
  • Violet Pastel Lacewings Indian Ring-necks

Ring-neck parrot life span and origin

Ring-neck parrots are Afro-Asian parrots and their life span is around 20 to 30 years. They have a long life span so if you are buying /Adopting them then be ready as it would be a long time commitment.

Ring-neck parrots as a pet

As a pet bird ring-necks are awesome parrots and with their large variety of colors, you have lots of options. Ring-neck parrots have excellent talking abilities. If trained properly they can easily learn a lot of words.

Best things about ring-neck parrots.

  • Small size(But the tail is long) that is easy to handle as compared to some other parrots like macaws.
  • Beautiful colors with large variations.
  • Superb talking abilities.
  • Active and joyful birds.
  • Can become cuddly.

Things that you should know.

  • Ring-necks can be very aggressive and sometimes they start to bite.
  • Their bite is a big problem as they have a very pointy beak so their bite is hard.
  • Sometimes they are scared of humans and will not let you touch themselves.
  • Will fight with other pet birds so you have to arrange separate cage for them.


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