Peanuts are not good for parrots in excessive amount

Effect of peanuts on parrots health

Peanuts, as we all know, are popular dry-fruit. We as a human love peanut and they are beneficial for us as they contain heart healthy nutrients in them. But are they also good for parrots? Well let’s find out

Are Peanuts safe for parrots

Peanuts green plants

Peanut plants

Peanuts are not like other nuts as they grow under the soil. When peanuts are harvested farmers pull out the plant and peanuts are attached to its roots. With some machinery, these peanuts are then separated from the plant.  Peanuts which are obtained from separation are called raw peanuts and they are moist. We humans do not use raw peanuts rather we first roast them and make them dry and then we use them.

Raw peanuts contain a toxin called Aflatoxin in them. Aflatoxin is a liver toxin and is dangerous for parrots. So it’s for sure that raw peanuts are not safe for parrots. But mostly we don’t come across raw peanuts so they are not the problem. Normal peanuts or roasted peanuts that we use are obtained when raw peanuts are dried by heat. On roasting peanuts, their chemical composition change and Aflatoxin in them is reduced to a great amount. But still, small traces of Aflatoxin are present in them.

Peanuts of human grade quality contain a very slight amount of Aflatoxin in them. So by feeding those peanuts in strict moderation will not cause much problem for the parrot. But excessive amount or regular inclusion of peanuts in parrot diet is a risk and always a dangers choice. Remember Aflatoxin can cause serious liver problems in parrots. So be moderate in feeding peanuts to your parrots. Also, most of the bird mix foods that we buy from market contain peanuts in them. My advice is to remove those peanuts from bird mix. And if you really want to feed peanuts then feed only human grade peanuts in restricted amount.


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