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Science of how parrots can talk like humans

Have you ever heard a parrot talking like humans? If not search on YouTube and you will be amazed to see that how accurately parrots can talk. It’s this ability that makes them one of the most desired pet birds. Although there are a few other birds that can make different voices and sometimes human voices, parrots dominate them all.

How could a bird can talk like humans? Well lets find-out

Reason of how parrots are able to talk like humans

To find the answer to this question some scientist group together and started a research. Their aim was to find out how parrots are able to make different voices. For finding the answer they studied the brain of parrots and compare it with other birds to see what makes them different.

Their study reveals that the parrot’s brain is a bit different from other bird brains. In addition to defined center in the brain that controls the vocal learning activity, and is called the core. Parrots also have outer rings in their brain, which are bigger in size than other birds. These rings are called “shells” and scientists believe that these rings are what make parrots different from other birds and give them the ability to learn and make different voices.

Not all parrots have the same ability to talk. Only a few of them can learn and make several voices. While others can only

Beautiful rose ringed parrot

Some parrots have superior talking abilities.Like ring-neck parrots can learn and talk efficiently

mimic few words.

It’s also worth noting that parrots not only can talk like humans, but they can do it in exact same accent in which they were taught. I was watching a YouTube video in which a budgerigar parrot was making its owner voices. And what I was amazed to see was that its owner had some respiratory problems due to which he was short of breath at the end of every word. Due to which his words come out with a sound of short breath. And amazingly his parrot was talking in the exact same way. Isn’t that amazing.

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