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Requirements for owning a parrot

If you are planning on adopting a parrot then this is the right post for you. Here I will tell you what you will need if you want to pet a parrot. Parrots are one of the most popular pet birds, mainly due to their colors and talking abilities. If trained properly parrots can learn lots of words and tricks. They have the remarkable ability of learning words in an exact same accent that they were taught. If you want to bring a parrot in your home than there are few requirements that you must know. For a pleasant and joyful experience of parrot, you must make sure that you are ready for it. Listed below are few things that your parrot will need, take a good look at them and then decide by yourself whether you are ready for parrot or not.

Things to know before Adopting/Buying a parrot

    • Noise– Parrots are wild birds they make very loud voices. So you have to make arrangements for this. If you have small house try to adopt smaller parrots. Parrots, like cockatoos and macaws, make very loud voices which will become difficult for you to handle.

      Cute yellow parrot with reddish color around its neck

      Smaller birds are lot easier to handle than bigger birds

    • Cage– Parrots are active and intelligent birds they need lots of room. You have to arrange bigger cages for them. Some parrots have a very long tail and in small cages, their tail will be broken easily you have to make proper arrangement for them.
    • Toys– To keep them mentally active lots of toys will be needed. Also, parrots have very strong beaks so they will destroy toys more frequently be ready for it.
    • Outdoor – You can’t keep them closed in the cage all the time. You have to take them out for some chilling. So you will need some green place for their outdoor activities.

    • Life span – Parrots have very long life spans some can even live up to 50 or 60 years. Before adopting or buying a parrot know about its life span. It’s a long time commitment you should be aware of it. Don’t make causal decision seriously think before adopting a parrot whether you can handle it or not. If you are scared of responsibility and still want a parrot think about smaller parrots, like love birds and budgerigar parrots.
    • Poop and mess- Arrange a setup that is easy to clean. You have to clean it on a daily basis, so proper setup will make your life easy.
    • Food and health- Healthy food is a necessity for every pet bird. Know about their food and places to get that food. Also, keep knowledge of vet in case your parrot become sick or some other problem came up.

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