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Should we let our parrots play with cats

Cute cat

Cat babe

Cats and parrots are two common pets in many homes. Cats are cuddly and cute while parrots are talkative and naughty. Although parrots can become cuddly, cats, on the other hand, can’t talk like parrots and by talking I mean talking like humans. Yes, Parrots have this great ability to learn and talk like humans.

If you have both cat and parrot in your home or cats and parrots in your home. Then chances are they will often have encounters with each other. Maybe they become friends and start to play or they can be aggressive. Whether they are playing or they are fighting question arise should we let cats and parrots together.

Is it OK to let cats and parrots play together?

Small parrot

Budgie parrot

If we look at cats, then they can be classified as the predators. Even our home cats can eat a mouse without any hesitation.
And there are many cases when cats have also eaten parrots. But chances are if you own a cat then that will probably not eat your parrot. And also if trained properly cats and parrots can become best buddies. But still, cats are cats we don’t have to take the risk.

Even if your cat and parrot become friends and make a bond with each other. There is another big risk
Involved, this risk is cat’s paw nails and saliva. Research has shown that cat saliva and nail¬†contain harmful bacteria in them. If these bacteria enter the parrot body, they can cause infection. Your parrots can get sick and other complication can also occur. Which is very bad for your bird. For some small parrots, it can even become fatal and they can die. So you have to be careful with your parrots don’t let them go near cats even if they are playing. Our little carelessness can cause serious problems for our beautiful parrots.

Cats and Parrots are not made for each other. 

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