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Foraging toys- A best mental exercise for your parrots

Parrots are active and intelligent birds they need lots of daily mental and physical exercise. To keep your parrots happy and healthy you have to arrange some mental puzzles for them. The best way of¬†testing your parrot’s intelligence is by foraging toys. Instead of simply putting food in front of them if you give them food in foraging toys it will be lot more challenging and entertaining for them.

What are Foraging toys and why are they important for parrots

Foraging toys mean that you put food hidden in some toy and your parrot have to find it. Instead of simply putting food in front of your parrot using this technique is very effective¬†as it will require your parrot to use its intelligence for finding food. More the time your parrot will remain engaged more it will be happy and satisfied. Parrots don’t like to do nothing and get bored. They are active birds and always like to play and remain engaged. Some people left their parrots all day long in cages without any engaging toys. This behavior is very bad for parrots and it will encourage bad habits in them. If you like that your parrot learns to talk then you have to engage it as much as you can.

There are many different types of foraging toys available in the market. At first, choose ones that will be easy for your parrot and then after your parrot starts to pick them up you can buy the more complicated ones. Also, choose the toys depending on your parrot type. Some smaller birds like love birds are extremely active birds. They will try to break and chew everything that comes in their way. So for those type of parrots, you need tougher and more durable toys else you have to purchase toys more often as they will destroy the fancy ones very quickly.

If you like you can also easily make foraging toys at home. All you need will be some basic tools and materials, but first, make sure that the materials you are using are non-toxic for parrots. There are many DIY parrot toys videos on YouTube. You can watch them and make your own toys easily. Home made toys will be lot more fun as they are made by yourself.


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