Kakapo-A rare parrot that can’t fly.

Have you ever imagined a parrot that can’t fly? Well on our planet earth, there is a very rare bird called “Kakapo”. Kakapo belongs to parrot family and odd thing about this parrot is that it can’t fly. Not only it can’t fly, but another shocking fact is that this parrot is in the critically endangered list. With only less than 200 parrots, it’s one of the rarest birds on earth.

Why Kakapo is a critically endangered specie

Girl feeding kakapo parrot siting on her leg

Women feeding the Kakapo parrot. As you can see their size is huge as compared to other parrots and they are the heaviest parrots of all.This image is licensed under (CC BY 2.0)  Attributes are given at the end of the post.

The reason behind kakapo’s such low numbers is their breeding technique and the fact that they can’t fly. They breed in a lek mating style, lek mating is a technique in which male parrots gather together and try to impress female parrot by raising their feathers, spreading wings and making other such stunts. To attract females they also make booming low-frequency sounds that can travel several kilometers. While attracting females, male kakapo parrots start to fight with each other. Their fights are extremely violent and some time they fight till death.
After the successful mating female parrot only lay two or at max three eggs(rarely). The Female incubates the eggs alone due to which she has to leave them when she needs to eat. Leaving the eggs make them vulnerable and other animals have a chance to eat them. Incubation takes almost 30 days. After hatching the baby parrots are completely dependent on their mother for 3 months. Kakapo parrot and its babies don’t have an effective defensive system due which they are easy prey for many animals. Besides, that one other thing that is lowering their numbers is breeding cycle. The Female does not breed every year she can take 2 to 4 years for the next breeding cycle.

Lacking proper defensive skills and having a very low success rate in breeding cycle make them rare. There is also another interesting thing about these parrots and in fact, it’s interesting of all “It is predicted that kakapos are longest living birds on earth”. If die natural death Kakapo parrot can live up to 100 years and sometimes even beyond. Sounds strange hnn Longest living bird and still rare.

Kakapo parrot chicks Compare to men

Kakapo parrot chicks. This image is licensed under (CC BY 2.0) Attributes are given at the end of the post.

Saving Kakapo Parrots

Many efforts are being made to save kakapo parrots from going extinct. Most notable of them is kakaporecovery organization in New Zealand. They are working to increase kakapo parrot numbers by creating predator free zones so that kakapos have ideal conditions to breed.  Volunteers are also supporting them in this cause and they are hopeful to have good results. For complete detail of this project, you can visit their website mentioned above.

Image Attributions

Image of women feeding kakapo parrot 

Original caption = Sirocco sits on Karin’s lap and starts to beg for food.

Source = Flicker, click here to see

BY  Department of Conservation

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Image of men with Kakapo chicks 

Original caption = Stephen Bragg with kakapo chicks

Source = Flicker, click here to see

BY  Department of Conservation

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