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Interesting facts about parrots

  • Biggest and heaviest

    Biggest parrot is Hyacinth macaw with a length of approximately 100 cm from its tail to head. While the heaviest parrot is kakapo which is also extremely rare with the total number of adult parrots less than 200. Being heavy in weight kakapos wings can’t support it to fly. Which makes it vulnerable to predators and is one of the reasons why this parrot is so rare.

  • Talking ability

    Parrots have this distinct ability that they can learn and make different voices. It’s one of the main reason why they are so popular as a pet bird. Parrots can easily learn human voices and can memorize and repeat in exact same accent. This is the ability to which no other bird can match. Although there are a few other birds that can talk, parrots dominate them all.

  • Beak power

    Parrots have a specially design curved beak. Compare to their size parrot beaks are very powerful and cable of breaking hard objects like nuts. Palm cockatoos, one of the parrot species have the beak power of almost 1500 Pounds which is very strong compared to their size.

    Red-and-green macaw eating nut with its beak

    Red-and-green Macaw eating nut

  • Life span

    Parrots have very long life spans some can even live longer than you. It is predicted that longest living bird on planet earth is a parrot called kakapo. Kakapos are also very rare birds and with a life span of around 100 years, they are thought to be longest living birds. Macaws and cockatoos are popular parrot types, both have very long life spans of around 50 to 80 years.

  • Eating food with feets

    On our planet earth parrots are only known birds that can hold the food in their feet and then lift it up to their mouth. All parrots have four toes, two are positioned forward and two are backward.

  • Parrot types

    According to Wikipedia, there are roughly 393 species of parrots. Pygmy parrots are smallest of all parrots and they are mostly found in  New Guinea. Among all parrot types, African gray parrots are thought to be superior learner and talkers with Amazon parrots as runner up. Parrot types like Macaws, Amazon, Ring-neck, Love birds, Budgerigar, Cockatoos etc are popular as a pet bird.

  • Dominica flag

    Flag of Dominica contains purple Sisserou Parrot at the center.

    Dominica flag

    Dominica flag


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