Hyacinth macaw Biggest parrot of all

Macaws are popularly known as the king of parrots and they deserve that name due to their huge size and loud voices. Among all macaws, the one true king when it comes to size is Hyacinth macaw. If the length of Hyacinth macaw is measured from its head to its tail tip it comes out to be 3.3 feet. Which is longer than any other parrot species.

How Hyacinth macaw live

Hyacinth macaw is native to central and eastern South America. In the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s
list, it is classified as Vulnerable. Reduction in its population is due to its popularity and price as a pet bird. A large number of hyacinth macaws were trapped for pet sell which results in their population reduction. It’s estimated that at least 10,000 hyacinth macaws were illegally trapped in 1980 s mostly from Brazil. While their estimated total population in 2003 was only around 6500. Now, this specie of parrots is protected by CITES(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species ).

Being a big parrot an individual hyacinth macaw needs a lot of daily food. In wild their main source of foods are nuts including acuri and bocaiuva palms. They can even eat coconut, with their strong beaks they are able to break and eat very hard foods. Besides nuts, they also eat fruits and other seeds. For fruits, some time they have to cover vast distances.

Hyacinth macaws Breeding

Hyacinth macaws make nests in the tree holes being big in size they need a very large space. Usually, they can find holes big enough for their size in old manduvi trees. Female lay only one or two eggs, but the survivor chick is mostly one. As if she lays a second egg than that egg is laid after a few days of first due to which send chick is born late and the first chick will dominate him/her. Their incubation period is around one month and chicks remain dependent on parents for six to seven months.

Hyacinth macaw as a pet

Hyacinth macaw vector image As a pet bird, Hyacinth macaws are difficult to handle and are highly not recommended. Due to their huge size, they need lots of space to live which most of us can’t provide. Besides their huge size, they also have a very long life span so adopting or buying a hyacinth macaw is a very long time commitment. Also, they are highly prized birds if you are buying them from a pet store.

In conclusion, only pet hyacinth macaws if you can make proper arrangements for them. Large and comfortable space, proper toys, and one most important thing always pet parrots in couples. Couples together will live happily while one parrot no matter how much you entertain him/her can’t be happy like he/she will be with his/her mate.



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