Foods that are not good for parrots.Apple seeds ,onion,garlic,iceream and choclate are shown with not sign on them

Common foods that are not good for parrots

If you own a parrot, then one thing that you must know is about its diet. Although parrots are good pets in this regard that they can eat lots of food that we eat, but there are few foods that are not good for them. And you must avoid these foods in their diet.

Listed below are common foods that are not good for parrots with a brief reason to each.


Chocolate contains theobromine in it and parrots cannot digest this compound properly. Due to which it remains in their stomach for a long period and can become toxic for them. Chocolate must be avoided in parrot’s diet, even a small amount can cause problems as the size of parrots is very small compare to us. Chocolates are also not good for dogs and cats.

Dark brown Chocolate pieces

Darker the Chocolate, more it is toxic for parrots.

Caffeinated Drinks

Tea, coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine in them are not good for parrots. As the parrot’s metabolism rate is high and caffeine can further increase the metabolism rate which can become dangerous.


The Avocado contains a chemical called “persin” in it which is toxic to parrots. Many cases are found, in which parrots eating avocado were seriously affected. Remember persin when enter into the digestive system of parrot will become poison for them and can even cause their death. So keep avocado away from your parrots. I suggest if you have parrots in your home, then don’t bring avocado in their room as they can accidentally eat it.

Avocado fruit and one cut peace of avocado fruit


Apple Seeds

Apple seeds contain cyanide in them, which is not good for parrots. So you must remove the apple seeds prior to feeding them to your parrots. Apple without seeds is good for parrots and should be included in their regular diet.

High sugar and high salt foods

Salty and sugary foods can cause dehydration, kidney dysfunction and some other problems in parrots. So be careful with the amount of salt and sugar in your parrot’s diet. Moderation is key here, you can feed them foods that contain salt and sugar as almost all of the foods contain sugar and salt but be sure that their amount is moderate. And also note one important thing that when we make foods for our-self’s, sugar and the salt amount in it is according to us. It can be high for the parrots as they are so small compare to us.

Onion & Garlic

Both contain the high amount of sulfur in them. Sulfur can be toxic to parrots if feed in high amount. Strict moderation is necessary if you are feeding foods in which onion and garlic are used. Sulfur is reduced to a great extent when both of them are cooked but still some traces are present.


Alcohol as seem obvious is not for parrots.

Tomato and citric fruits

Illustration of Orange

Illustration of Orange.

Tomato and some citrus fruits are high in acidic level. If you are including them, then make sure their amount is in limit and don’t feed high acidic foods regularly. Occasionally feeding these foods is OK.

Dairy products

Dairy products that contain milk in them are not good for parrots. As milk contains lactose in it and parrots don’t have the enzymes to digest lactose. Yogurt and cheese contain lesser amount of lactose in them so you can occasionally feed both.

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Note – This post is only for the guideline. It is based on my experience with parrots and my research. Every parrot type is different from others, some parrots may have a high level of tolerance to certain food and other may not. It’s always good to concern a proper vet if you are suspicious about some food as each food item can have different level of effects on each parrot type. No legal responsibility is taken.

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