Green Eclectus parrot

Eclectus parrot-Male vs female

The Eclectus are medium large size parrots native to New Guinea, Solomon, northeastern Australia and some other Islands. They are unique in parrot family due to their Sexual dimorphism. Male parrot is green while the female parrot is red. Male and female look very different from each other and for many years it was thought that they are two different parrot species. Eclectus parrot has very bright colors due to which they look very beautiful. In some areas, their feathers are used for decoration purposes.

Eclectus Male Vs Eclectus Female

Eclectus male is a bright emerald green color parrot as shown in the picture.

Male Eclectus Parrots

Male Eclectus Parrots

While Eclectus Female is a bright red color parrot with some purple and blue feathers around her neck.

Red Female Electus parrot sitting on tree

Female Eclectus parrot

Eclectus females are calm cuddly and silent while males are more aggressive and noisy but, this thing really depends on the individual parrot as each parrot have its own personality. Both male and female can learn human voices. In wild Eclectus parrots make nests in huge emerging rain-forest trees. Female parrots protect their nests from other female parrots and birds. They are very aggressive in case of their nests and will fight with any intruder.

Female Eclectus parrot remains at her nest most of the time while male parrots bring her food. One other interesting thing about Eclectus parrots is that unlike most of the other parrot species they are polygynandrous. That is, multiple male parrots will bring food for the female and will try to mate with her. Male parrots will also travel between different nests, trying to mate with as many owner females as they can. They all will try to become the father of chicks.

If you want to pet a female Eclectus parrot than one thing that you must know is that they have a very strong maternal instinct. On some days they will try to find a nest and will enter in every possible space that they can find and will sit there and become aggressive. It’s a way of nature as in wildlife female spend their most of the time in the nest while the male brings food for them. Some people think that’s why they have different color female is dark red for better hiding in nest hole while the male is green for better hiding in the leaves.

Female Electus parrot sitting in trees

Female Eclectus parrot sitting in trees

Male Electus parrot sitting trees

Male Eclectus parrot sitting in trees















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  1. Figuring out ,male and female parrot while buying them is quite difficult for a beginner who wants them as pet, I have been fooled many time while buying them, but after reading this blog i might be able get some knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

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