What are Bird Flight Suits- Should we use them for parrots

Flight suits are soft, stretchable pouch type things that you can wear to your bird. They serve two basic purposes first one is that they will prevent your bird from flying away as you can attach a string or leash to them. Secondly, Flight suits can catch the bird poop so you can use them while you are traveling or you are in some place where poop would be a problem.

Bird Flight suit usually consists of three things:-

1-Flight suit.

2-Leash or string to prevent birds from flying.

3-Disposable flight liners for poop.

Flight suits for parrots

Parrots are active and intelligent birds they demand constant attention from their owners. To make your parrots happy and satisfied you have to engage them in different activities. You can’t keep themĀ in the cage all the time, so you have to make some arrangements to take them out. For that flight suits come very handy as you can use them to prevent your parrots from flying away. With flight suit, you can take your parrot outdoor to some park or garden and let him/her play in the fresh air. Fresh air is a necessity for any pet bird.

Although flight suits are very helpful in preventing parrots from flying away, they also have few drawbacks. The biggest of which is if you are using them for the first time your parrot will be very displeased. Parrots will try to throw it off as they are not used to it and this thing is now constantly sticking with them ah trouble. Another problem of using them comes in summer as parrots already have lots of feather on them so sticking extra stuff to them in hot weather( no matter how efficient it is designed) is trouble. Except for that, they are useful accessories for your parrot if your parrot likes them.

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