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Should you pet a parrot-How things will be after you bring a parrot.

Parrots are beautiful birds and popular pets. Their vivid colors and superb talking abilities make them one of the most desired birds for many people. If you are also interested in parrots and you like their talking abilities. Then before adopting a parrot there are few things that you must know, so that your experience with parrots go smooth and pleasant.

Adopting a parrot

Although parrots look beautiful and pleasant when you are watching their videos on the internet or seeing them in the zoos. But adopting a parrot is a different thing. While watching videos you are seeing the happy part. As most of the parrot video up-loaders including me upload the best and entertaining moments of their parrots. Besides those pleasant moments there are also times when we have to clean parrot poop and mess, we have to feed them daily, we can’t go out for long because we have a pet at home to take care of etc etc. Please do complete research on parrot before making a decision so that afterward you don’t have trouble.

Scarlet macaw on grass.

Scarlet macaw-Bigger parrots are difficult to handle. Pet them only if you have proper arrangements

Should you pet a parrot?

Before making the decision for Adopting/Buying a parrot read these points. And then you decide by yourself whether to pet a parrot or not at this stage.

    • Parrots have long life spans some can live even longer than you. So it’s a long time commitment and you should be ready for it.
    • As parrots are wild birds, they are not like hens. Sometimes they can be aggressive, real aggressive and can bite the hell out of you with their strong beaks.
    • Parrots are intelligent and demanding birds they need lots of attention and time.

      Sulfur crested Cockatoos couple while spreading their beautiful crown feathers

      Sulfur crested Cockatoos

    • You should be ready to clean pop and the mess they create on a daily basis.
    • When you have a pet bird in your home you can’t go on long trips. As you have to make arrangements for their food and stuff.
    • For their health, you have to know about their diet and make proper arrangements for them.
    • They can make loud voices. Sometimes very loud, loud enough to wake your Neighbors.
    • They wake up early in the morning. And start making noises right away as that time is their most favorite time to chill.
    • They can break and explore everything that comes in their way. So you have to be careful as their beaks are very strong.

Frighten! Well, don’t be I am just telling you if you are planning on adopting a parrot than don’t think causally. You have to be serious about it. At first, things may look difficult, but after some days you will get used to it. Parrots are beautiful and joyful pets, they will entertain you a lot, but you have to be a serious and responsible person.


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