Parrot characteristics

Close up picture of head of macaw parrot

Training and taming

Tamed Golden sun corn parrot eating sunflower seeds on hand

Toys and accessories

Micky mouse toy for parrot

Parrots food guide

Three budgerigar parrots two blue one green eating food on the hand with red gloves

Parrots Information

Beautiful parrot showing its wings

Parrots as a pet bird

Golden-blue macaw parrot sitting on the shoulder of young boy with black cap

Hello! Everyone I have created this website for parrot lovers all over the world. Here you can view posts about different topics of parrots, like what to feed your parrot, which parrot is best for you, best-talking parrot etc. Parrots are beautiful birds and in order to have pleasant and joyful experience, you must Pet them in a proper way. If you know basic things about parrot owning then you can keep our bird happy. A happy bird is a healthy bird. Wish you best of luck with your birds have a nice day.