Parrots training and taming

How to train your parrot and stop it from biting

Parrot training

How to train your parrot to sit on hand

White budgie parrot siting on the hand of girls and she is cuddling the parrot

Should we clip parrot wings?

Golden blue macaw parrot sitting on high tree with green leaves and showing its beautiful unclipped wings

By nature parrots are wild birds. When they are kept as pet birds in homes, some time they show very aggressive behavior, It can be due to many factors. Like parrots have very long life span may be when it comes to you it has already spend extensive amount of time in wild or some place where it was not treated as it intend to be. Due to these and some other factors sometimes your pet parrot becomes very difficult for you. Even some parrots start biting and with their strong beaks parrot bite can be a real problem. To deal with this situation I have made this page. On this page I have arranged all the posts about parrot training and taming. You can read them by clicking on the image beneath every topic.

I am a parrot loving person and I don't use or encourage any unethical trick for parrot taming. Parrots are beautiful birds please love your birds and keep them happy.

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