Parrot Characteristics

Which parrot type has the best talking ability

African grey parrot siting in sunshine

Ring neck parrot- Male vs Female

male ring neck parrot

Ten most beautiful Parrot Species

Rainbow Lorikeet eating sunflower seeds

Eclectus parrot- Male vs Female

Eclectus parrot male in jungle

How parrots can talk like humans

Golden blue macaw close up picture

Congo vs Timneh African gray parrots

Congo African grey parrot eating cucumber

Parrots are most popular pet birds due to their beautiful colors and excellent talking abilities. Every parrot specie has its own characteristic some are calm and cuddly while others are loud and aggressive. If you are planing on adopting/buying a parrot than choose the right parrot type so that you have no trouble afterward. On this page I have arranged all the posts about parrot characteristics. Here I will try to tell you which parrot has which ability and which one is good for you according to your desire. Parrots have very long life spans so adopting/buying a parrot is a long time commitment. Do your research before making the decision for joyful and smooth experience. 

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