Parrot food guide

Common foods that are not good for parrots

Foods not good for parrots apple seeds chocolate,onion,garlic and ice-cream

Toxic foods for parrots

Good foods for parrots-fruits,seeds,vegetables

Green parrot eating apple on a stick

Why Avocado is not good for parrots.

Cut avocado shown in with brown background

Effect of peanuts on parrot health

Roasted peanuts on mud

If you own a parrot then one thing that you must know is about its diet. A good and healthy diet is essential for your pet bird. On this page I have arranged all the posts about parrot food. You can view any post by clicking on the picture beneath every topic. I am constantly updating this page to cover as many parrot food related topics as I can. If you can't find any information you can ask it in comments sections.

You are also encouraged to give your suggestions on any topic so that together we can spread the correct and valuable information. As parrots are wild birds they need good amount of nutrients to live healthy life. Feed them healthy food and avoid any harmful items in their diet. 


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