Interesting information about parrots

Kakapo-A rare parrot that can’t fly

Illustration of Kakapo parrot

Hyacinth macaw Biggest parrot of all

Hyacinth macaw parrot

Interesting facts about parrots

Lots of green parrots flying together in grass

There are almost 393 species of parrots found on planet earth. From little Parrotlet, budgies to huge macaws, parrots are one of the most popular birds. On this page I have arranged all the interesting and informative posts about parrots. You can view any post by clicking on the picture beneath every topic. I am a parrot lover and It makes me happy when I know something new about parrots. I will update this page constantly and you are also encouraged to participate in it. Share any interesting and informative knowledge about parrots that you have. So that all of us can know about our favorite birds. 

Do you know African grey parrot is considered to be the most superior parrot when it comes to talking abilities. It can learn a huge vocabulary of words and can pronounce them in a very clear voice.



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