Parrots as a pet

Should we let our parrots play with cats

Beautiful and cute looking golden domestic cat

Requirements for owning a parrot

Beautiful rainbow parrot eating seeds

Ring-neck parrot as a pet

Green Indian RIng-neck parrot close image

20 Most popular parrot types as a pet bird

Two Sulphur-crested cockatoo looking toward camera

Should you pet a parrot-Analysis

Golden-blue macaw parrot sitting on the shoulder of young boy with black cap

Parrots are beautiful birds to be kept as a pet. There are almost 393 different types of parrots each having its own characteristics. As a pet bird every parrot is different from others and each one has its own needs. On this page I have arranged all the posts about parrots as a pet bird. Here I will try to tell you what you will need, and which parrot should you pet. Every pet comes with some responsibilities and if you can't fulfill basic requirements, then I suggest you should not bring a pet in your home. Before adopting/Buying a parrot do some research on it. What cage that parrot will need, Can you handle its noise, etc etc. I have arranged posts on some basic requirements for owning a parrot you can read them on this page. If you can't find something you can ask it in the comments.

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